Judicial Independence Resource Packet 2012

       Compiled by LWVWEN Judicial Independence Committee, 2012

LWVWI position on Administration of Justice 

Organizations and websites with good information about judicial independence (PDF)  

Under the Influence, by Viveca Novak, American Prospect Magazine, October 2011 (subscription required) 

Disorder in the Court, by Patrick Caldwell, American Prospect Magazine, October 2011(subscription required)

Methods of Judicial Selection, The Fund for Modern Courts

Selection of Appellate Court Judges: Courts of Last Resort  - state-by-state summary of judicial selection methods (PDF)
Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, State Court Organization, 2004 NCJ 212351, Update from the National Center for State Courts, March 2010 

Focus: A better way to choose supreme court justices?, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, 09/17/11 

States debate judicial elections versus appointed bench, Thomson Reuters News & Insight, 09/11  

Choosing Our Judges: Wisconsin’s Longstanding Debate, Wisconsin Lawyer, Dec. 2011  

Wisconsin Supreme Court out of step with national standards on recusal
, by Bill Lueders, Center for Investigative Journalism, Isthmus, March 2012 

Wisconsin Supreme Court justices weigh in on the recusal issue, ibid.

Reforming the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s approach to recusal, ibid.  

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack decided case involving her own lawyer, ibid.  

High stakes justice: 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court race, by Ann Bauer, National Institute on Money in State Politics, April 18, 2011 

The new politics of judicial elections, 2000-2009: Decade of change, by James Sample, Adam Skaggs, Jonathan Blitzer, Linda Casey, with the Justice at Stake Campaign, Brennan Center for Justice, and National Institute of Money in State Politics, 08/16/10.

The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2009-2010 - published October 2011 by Justice at Stake and The Brennan Center for Justice  

Justice for Just Us: How special interests deceived the public in the 2007 and 2008 Wisconsin Supreme Court races, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 08/20/2008

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin petition to Wisconsin Supreme Court for the creation of rules for recusal when a party or a lawyer in a case made a contribution affecting a judicial campaign - initially filed in June 2008; amended petition submitted July 2009. 

Wisconsin Realtors Association petition to Wisconsin Supreme Court for recusal rule, September 2008

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce petition to Wisconsin Supreme Court for recusal rule, October 2009

Testimony to Joint Legislative Committee on Judicial Discipline and Recusal, Melanie G. Ramey, LWVWI President, 10/14/2010 

Rule upheld First Amendment rights of voters, by Justice Patience Drake Roggensack, Wisconsin State Journal, 12/3/09 

It’s time for states to follow ABA’s lead on ethics rules, by Justice at Stake Campaign, 08/11/11 

American Bar Association resolution on judicial disqualification standards, 08/2011  (PDF)

LWV opinion columns:

LWV: High court should resolve differences in open session and then move on The Capital Times, 02/08/2011

LWV's Melanie G. Ramey: How to improve functioning of state's high court   The Capital Times  09/22/11

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