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Nominate a Leader for State Board!
Local Leagues and individual League members are encouraged to nominate a leader for the State Board. Self-nominations are welcome!  Click here to download a nomination form
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When you join the League of Women Voters, you become part of a network of women and men, organized on the national, state and local levels, who are committed to making democracy work. As a member, you support the nonpartisan voter education and advocacy that is so needed in Wisconsin's charged political environment.  As a member you will receive:

  • Automatic membership in LWV-US
  • Forward, the state League's quarterly newsletter
  • Invitations to statewide meetings and conferences
  • Weekly e-news updates (well, more or less weekly)
  • Legislative action alerts to help you communicate with your own representatives
  • Opportunities to participate in League policy studies and establishment of positions

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Membership and Leadership Development Award for Local Leagues
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General InformationLouise Petering4/15/201486.50 KBDownload
How to Use Tracking DocumentsLouise Petering6/4/201345.00 KBDownload
Media CoSponsor RosterLouise Petering9/12/201319.50 KBDownload
Media CoSponsor TrackingLouise Petering6/4/201327.00 KBDownload
Meeting SigninLouise Petering6/6/201357.00 KBDownload
Member Participation TrackingLouise Petering6/6/201326.00 KBDownload
Notice of ApplicationLouise Petering4/15/201460.50 KBDownload
Member Login
If you are a member of the League in Wisconsin, you may log into the Members-Only website, where you will be able to find documents and links for program planning, award and board nominations, meeting materials and other League business. To log into the Members-Only section:
1. Scroll down to the far lower left corner of the page;
2. Click on "Login" if you already have a user-name and password;
3. Click on "Register" if you do not yet have a user-name and password. 
LWV State Program Making

This is every member's chance to take part in the statewide grassroots planning process by which the League selects pressing governmental issues for concerted study and action at the state level. Click here for the State Program Making page!

Redistricting Presentations 2013
Updated October 2013

Redistricting reform speech  (PDF)

Redistricting reform presentation (slides)  (PDF)

Editable files of these materials are available on the Members Only website. To log in -- or register for login credentials -- scroll down to the bottom left corner of the current page and click "Login" or "Register."
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