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Nominate a Leader for State Board!
Local Leagues and individual League members are encouraged to nominate a leader for the State Board. Self-nominations are welcome!  Click here to download a nomination form
2014 Election Observer Training Webinars
Below are links to recorded webinars for LWV Election Observers in the Nov. 4, 2014 election:
Training for Observers Assigned to a Single Polling Place
Training for Roving Observers
Please note these webinars do not include Q&A discussion.
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When you join the League of Women Voters, you become part of a network of women and men committed to making democracy work. You will support our nonpartisan voter education and advocacy.  As a member you will receive:

  • Automatic membership in LWV-US
  • Forward, the state League's quarterly newsletter
  • Invitations to statewide meetings and conferences
  • Weekly e-news updates 
  • Legislative action alerts to help you communicate with your own representatives
  • Opportunities to participate in League policy studies and establishment of positions

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Membership & Leadership Development Webinar
NEW!  Click here for a recording of the LWVWi Membership & Leadership Development webinar from August 18. Sample documents and templates can be found on this page under the heading Membership & Leadership Development Award. The webinar handout can be downloaded here
Membership and Leadership Development Award for Local Leagues: 2014-2015

Click the links below to download materials:

General Information (PDF)

Meeting Sign-in Sheet (Word document)

Notice of Application (Word document)

Event Planning Checklist (Word document)

Directions for Applying (PDF)

Event Planning Chart -blank (Word document)

Event Planning Chart -filled (Word document)

Member Login
If you are a member of the League in Wisconsin, you may log into the Members-Only website to find documents and links for program planning, award and board nominations, meeting materials and other League business. To log into the Members-Only section:
1. Scroll down to the far lower left corner of the page;
2. Click on "Login" if you already have a user-name and password;
3. Click on "Register" if you do not yet have a user-name and password. 
2014-15 Planning Calendar
Click HERE for a calendar showing:
  • State board meetings
  • State Issues Briefing -- October 4!
  • State Program deadlines 
  • Other
Redistricting Presentations
Updated October 2013

Redistricting reform speech  (PDF)

Redistricting reform presentation (slides)  (PDF)

Editable files of these materials are available on the Members Only website. To log in -- or register for login credentials -- scroll down to the bottom left corner of the current page and click "Login" or "Register."
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