October 15, 2010

Wisconsin League of Women Voters president Melanie G. Ramey testified yesterday before a Joint Legislative Council committee on why the League petitioned the Supreme Court last year for a rule requiring judges and justices to withdraw from cases involving major campaign contributors and supporters. Read her testimony here or view the entire committee meeting on WisconsinEye here. (Ramey's testimony is near the beginning of the recording.)

WisconsinEye also recorded many sessions of the Wisconsin League's annual Issues Briefing, including presentations on the state budget, redistricting and a keynote speech by national League president Elisabeth MacNamara. You can view the Issues Briefing here.

It's not just your imagination... Wisconsin was first among states for the most Senate ads on television. With 18,256 ads in five weeks, Wisconsin topped the next contender (Nevada) by almost 500. Read the gory details here.

Upon touring our State Capitol, LWVUS president Elisabeth MacNamara was particularly impressed by the statue of "Forward," a figure of a woman symbolizing our state motto. "Forward" is also the title of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters' quarterly newsletter. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the motto could have been "Onward," "Upward" or "Civilitas Successit Barbaruin" ("Civilization Succeeds Barbarism"). Read a brief history here.

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