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Questionnaire for Local Leagues
Please respond online by February 29, 2016

Since the state League moved from a biennial program cycle to an annual one in 2007, the State Board has been asking local Leagues to review all of our state positions every year and propose State Program and Action items. We have heard from some Leagues that this is burdensome. Given that Leagues have a special challenge this year in educating voters about the new photo ID requirements, the State Program Planning Committee is proposing a specific program plan which is designed to fit into the work that Leagues already will be doing in 2016-17. Of course, local Leagues are still invited to submit proposals for other State Program items, if they prefer.

The League year we are planning for is July 2016-June 2017. In the first half of the year, local Leagues will be busy preparing voters for the election. The second half will be state budget time.

The State Program Planning Committee proposes that 2016-17 state program be devoted to:

  1. LWVWI assists local Leagues in focus on voter education and voter registration efforts (July-November 2016);
  2. A stronger public education and lobbying effort on the state budget coordinated by the State League with clear, easy-to-apply action items for Local Leagues. This will focus on areas which are priorities for the League and may be targeted in the state budget (January-June 2017);
  3. Funding dependent: The state League will apply for a Coastal Management Grant, or similar grant funding, which will allow us to hire a coordinator to develop an educational presentation to be hosted by local Leagues around the state. The purpose of the presentations will be to educate people about problems related to storm water runoff and actions that citizens, communities and regions can take to prevent and alleviate flooding, with an emphasis on green infrastructure. It will be emphasized that the effects of climate change are an integral part of the problem. This would be a follow-up on the State Water Position Update and public education that have been a focus in the past couple of years;
  4. Under current grants from The Joyce Foundation and The Brico Fund, the State League will continue to lead advocacy for redistricting reform, campaign finance reform and voting rights. The State League will provide local Leagues with informational resources, sample letters to the editor, talking points, action alerts, as needed.

Local Leagues are invited to respond online to these proposals and/or propose a different State Program item. 
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Please respond online by: February 29, 2016

Program Planning Committee
Ethel Himmel, Janesville
Linda Jorgenson, Ashland-Bayfield Counties
Pat Finder-Stone, Greater Green Bay

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