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Election Observer Program - Final report from November 2012
The League, in as part of the nonpartisan Wisconsin Election Protection coalition, recruited and trained volunteers to be election observers. The  report summarizes on-site observations from 440 polling locations located in towns, villages and cities statewide. The observers noted significant improvements in election administration and polling place management since the statewide recall elections held in June 2012. The problems that were reported appeared to be site-specific, rather than a result of a systemic failure. We attribute the improvements to the enhanced training of local officials. It also helped the Government Accountability Board (GAB) clarified what constitutes acceptable proof of residence for voter registration, as well as the rules for election observers.

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Coming up - April 22! Informational meeting about forming a new local League in Polk-Burnett counties

04/02/2014  Statement on extreme anti-voter legislation signed today by Governor Walker  

03/27/2014  Statement on early voting restriction (PDF)

03/26/2014 LWV urges Governor Walker to veto 3 anti-voter bills.  Press release.  Letter.  (PDFS)

03/05/2014  Opposition to rushed campaign finance bills  (PDF)

02/25/2014  Collaborative letter opposing AJR 81, which proposes Constitutional Convention for a balanced budget amendment

02/13/2014  Collaborative letter opposing AJR 79, which requires a supermajority vote for certain tax rate increases  (PDF)

02/04/2014  Opposition to bill that bans evening and weekend early voting hours  (PDF)

01/20/2014  League celebrates Voting Rights Act repair bill and Pennsylvania voter ID ruling  (PDF)

01/16/2014  Unexpected revenue is an opportunity to invest in Wisconsin's Future  (PDF)

01/06/2014  Bill to limit courts is a power grab  (PDF)

01/02/2014  Focus on positive reforms and a high voter turnout in 2014  (PDF)

12/19/2013  Support for SB 259 - Fox Cities RTA  (PDF)

12/05/2013  Let the people speak on redistricting  (PDF)

11/25/2013  Statement on Waukesha water diversion proposal (PDF)

10/09/2013  League opposes bill to limit early voting  (PDF)

09/16/2013  Nonpartisan redistricting would increase accountability  (PDF) 

08/20/2013 Give redistricting reform proposals a hearing  (PDF)

08/05/2013  What have we done to deserve voter suppression?  (PDF)

05/22/2013  Opposition to re-establishment of bail bonds industry in state budget  (PDF)

05/02/2013  League testifies against bill to limit judges' ability to block unconstitutional laws (PDF)

03/20/2013  Testimony to GAB on November 2012 election observers report and recommendations (PDF)

02/14/2013  Statement on Governor's announcement about Medicaid  (PDF)

02/07/2013  League applauds Governor, Assembly Speaker for leadership on mental health  (PDF)

02/06/2013  Report from Non-Partisan Observers of Voting in the November 6, 2012 General Election  (PDF)   Press release (PDF)

02/05/2013   Expand BadgerCare for a healthier and more productive Wisconsin  (PDF)

01/28/2013  Statement of opposition to expansion of school voucher system  (PDF)

01/23/2013  Statement opposing mining bill (PDF)

11/28/2012  Beware of partisan efforts to restrict voting (PDF)

11/07/2012  Appleton Post Crescent interview with LWV Appleton leader about the role of election observers - click on video called "Election Observers"

10/03/2012  A few precautions can save you time and help ensure your vote is counted  (PDF)

09/25/2012  Registering and voting before Election Day  (PDF)

08/21/2012  Memo urging GAB to accept electronic documents for proof of residency  (PDF)

07/17/2012  Unsubstantiated allegations about elections are the monster under the bed  (PDF)

06/12/2012  The victims of voter ID laws (video featuring LWV-Wisconsin produced by Center for American Progress)

01/11/2012  LWV opposes proposal for changing wetlands permits  (PDF)

10/06/2011  LWV Election Observers Report, Senate Recall Elections in August 2011  (PDF)  Press Release

09/19/2011  Justices should improve court functioning in open session (PDF)

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