September 30 at UW-Madison
Presented by 
League of Women Voters of Wisconsin
American Society of Civil Engineers
UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

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10/27/2016  LWV AMICUS BRIEF IN ONE WISCONSIN INSTITUTE v. THOMSEN - 7th Circuit Court of  Appeals  (PDF)
10/09/2016  LWV AMICUS BRIEF IN FRANK v. WALKER - 7th Circuit Court of  Appeals  (PDF)

10/11/2016  Thousands of Wisconsin Absentee Ballots at Risk of Rejection: Groups Ask State Elections Commission to Take Action.  The letter.  (PDF)

10/04/2016   Collaborative letter urging Wisconsin Elections Commission about election observers  (PDF)

10/03/2016  Voter registration postcards can be used as Proof of Residence  (PDF)

09/26/2016  Amend voter ID and move on to solve some real problems  (PDF)

09/21/2016  League of Women Voters of WI "Gear Up to Vote" Tour Reaching Potential Voters Around the State (PDF)
08/29/2016  In Wisconsin, election observers are welcome but they must follow rules  (PDF)

08/15/2016  Courts and Commissioners Should Put Voters First as They Sort Out Election Law  (PDF)

07/29/2016   Another Victory for Voters: 4th Circuit blocks North Carolina voter ID and other restrictions  (PDF)

07/14/2016  LWV to Kick Off "Gear Up to Vote" Campaign at July 18 Event in Madison  (PDF)

06/20/2016  League sends out questionnaire, calls on candidates to respond  (PDF)

06/10/2016  Statement of appreciation for GAB members and staff  (PDF)

05/18/2016  Declaration of Andrea Kaminski in One Wisconsin Institute, Inc., et al., Plaintiffs, v. Gerald C. Nichol, et al., Defendants (PDF)

05/11/2016  Statement on Proposed Rule Modifying DMV Identification Requirements for Voting  (PDF)
05/10/2016  LWV Election Observation Report for April 5, 2016 Election -- Findings and Recommendations   Press Release  (PDF) 

04/29/2016  Op Ed: Voter ID Education is Needed to Ensure Fair, Efficient Elections  (PDF)
04/26/2016  Testimony to Government Accountability Board in support of voter education on photo ID  (PDF)
04/01/2016  Testimony in favor of nonpartisan redistricting reform  (PDF)
03/16/2016  Statement on SB 295 - The Bad Far Outweighs the Good  (PDF)

02/09/2016  Coalition letter opposing bill to eliminate Special Voting Deputies voter registration drives  (PDF)

02/03/2016  Supreme Court Candidates’ Answers Available on  (PDF)

01/26/2016  Opposition to bill to regulate production of photo IDs by local governments  (PDF)
01/19/2016  Opposition to legislation that would gut Wisconsin's civil service (PDF)

01/14/2016  Statement in opposition to SB 355, limiting ability of public school districts to schedule referenda  (PDF)

12/30/2015   Are you ready to vote?  (PDF)

12/16/2015   Statement on transition of state elections agency  (PDF)

12/16/2015   Bill to create Inspectors General an unfunded mandate and an abuse of power  (PDF)

12/08/2015   Shutting down appeal for John Doe case is abuse of power  (PDF)

11/16/2015   Good government groups to hold press conference on campaign finance & GAB bills Monday, Nov. 16 in Milwaukee  (PDF)

11/06/2015   Statement on possible amendments to GAB and campaign finance bills  (PDF)

10/20/2015   Statement to GAB on proposed agency restructuring legislation  (PDF)

10/07/2015   Statement on proposal to disband Wisconsin Government Accountability Board  (PDF)

09/28/2015  Collaborative letter to Gov. Walker urging that he not appoint a current candidate to the Supreme Court  (PDF)

09/08/2015  Press release: League supports nonpartisan redistricting reform (PDF)

LWV-WI partners with American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to host four free public forums - Rebuild America's Infrastructure and Economy. Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Madison, Eau Claire. Click here to view the September 30 Madison forum on YouTube.

07/21/2015   Statement on call to dismantle Government Accountability Board  (PDF)

07/13/2015  State Budget: The bad outweighs the good, but it's time to move forward  (PDF)

07/08/2015  Statement to Assembly representatives about state budget  (PDF)

07/06/2015  Statement on anonymous attempt to gut open records law  (PDF)

06/30/2015  League signs letter calling for a "Mobile DMV" unit to help people obtain a photo ID for voting  (PDF)

06/29/2015  League warns secrecy is poisoning our democracy  (PDF)

06/17/2015  Updated statement to all State Senators and Assembly Representatives about the state budget  (PDF)

06/09/2015  Leading good government groups in Wisconsin denounce bill to destroy audit bureau  (PDF)

Broad coalition endorses plan for better budget choices - Legislators can avoid devastating cuts without raising taxes (PDF)  

05/11/2015  Wisconsin State Legislature wants to be your OB/GYN - Targeting women and families with the 20 week abortion ban (PDF)

03/23/2015  Statement about voter ID  (PDF)

03/17/2015  Letter from 22 state & national organizations to Governor Walker in support of GAB  (PDF)

03/16/2015  League's statement to Joint Finance Committee about the proposed state budget (PDF)

02/24/2015  Opposition to right-to-work bill and the fast-tracking process  (PDF)

02/09/2015  Budget would muzzle watchdogs, dismantle institutions  (PDF)
01/06/2015  League releases Election Observer Report from November 2014 midterm elections. The report. (PDFs)

11/2012  Election Protection Report from November 6, 2012 election  (PDF)


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