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03/25/2015  Statement on state budget: Keep IT positions at the GAB  (PDF)

03/23/2015  Statement about voter ID  (PDF)

03/17/2015  Letter from 22 state & national organizations to Governor Walker in support of GAB  (PDF)

03/16/2015  League's statement to Joint Finance Committee about the proposed state budget (PDF)

02/24/2015  Opposition to right-to-work bill and the fast-tracking process  (PDF)

02/12/2015  League submits amicus brief in federal voter ID case.  The brief.  (PDF)

02/09/2015  Budget would muzzle watchdogs, dismantle institutions  (PDF)
01/06/2015  League releases Election Observer Report from November 2014 midterm elections. The report. (PDFs)

12/15/2014  Letter to DMV on proposed rules for issuing free state ID cards for voting purposes (PDF)

11/05/2014  LWV thanks observers, notes long lines for voter registration (PDF)

10/27/2014  Be Wary of Confusing Messages About Voting  (PDF)

10/15/2014  In-Person Absentee Voting Begins Monday 10/20

10/09/2014  Statement on US Supreme Court ruling blocking implementation of voter ID

10/06/2014  Statement on Mariage Equality

09/24/2014  LWV and Common Cause call on Wisconsin Attorney General to Investigate "Wisconsin Poll Watchers Militia"   The letter

07/31/2014  Statement on WI Supreme Court voter ID rulings  (PDF)

06/18/2014  League sends questionnaire to candidates, calls on them to respond (PDF)

04/29/2014 U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman has struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law. See his ruling here. 

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Summertime... and the League is busy!   read more ...
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LWV to GAB: no cameras in the polling place   read more ...
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Two candidates boycott LWV forums... read more ...
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As EPA tries to clear the air, Wisconsin politics get murkier    read more ...
Update - Thursday, May 29, 2014
It's League of Women Voters week in Appleton    read more ...
Update - Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Expert calls Wisconsin ruling the beginning of the end of voter ID    read more ...
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