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News and Announcements
07/31/2014 -
Statement on WI Supreme Court voter ID rulings    read more ...
07/21/2014 -
Testimony to GAB about election observer rules   read more ...
04/22/2014 -
Support for secure online voter registration   read more ...
04/02/2014 -
Statement on extreme anti-voter laws signed by Governor Walker... read more ...
01/23/2014 -
Current proof of residence system works for voters, protects privacy   read more ...
01/17/2014 -
League celebrates Voting Rights Act repair bill and PA voter ID ruling    read more ...
12/04/2013 -
Let the people speak on redistricting   read more ...
11/26/2013 -
League urges caution on proposed Waukesha water diversion   read more ...
10/09/2013 -
League opposes bill restricting early voting hours... read more ...
09/04/2013 -
LWV testimony on Senate election bills... read more ...
03/20/2013 -
Build on strengths of WI elections... read more ...
Welcome to the League of Women Voters in Wisconsin

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a nonpartisan organization that advocates for active and informed participation in government. We bring people and communities together to consider challenging policy issues. The League provides unbiased voter education through candidate questionnaires and forums. Never supporting or opposing a candidate or political party, the League does take policy positions that our members agree upon after study and debate. We invite you to join the League.

August 12 Primary Elections -- What You Need to Know
For information about the candidates on your ballot and about voting in Wisconsin in general, go to, the League of Women Voters' "candidates' answers" voter guide.  

If you live in Dane County, check out the voter guide on the LWV Dane County website.

On the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board's statewide "My Vote Wisconsin" Voter Information Center, you can find your registration status, polling place location and other information.

For absentee voting (includes "early voting") - Contact your local municipal clerk.

If you have moved -- across the hall, across town or across the state -- in the 28 days before the election, you may vote in your old district. 

If you have been at your current residence at least 28 days, you may register at the poll on Election Day.
Voter registration requires that you show a proof of residence document, which may be a photo ID or another document such as a utility bill, paycheck stub or bank statement with your current address on it. More information about voter registration. 

Find your local League
There are 17 local Leagues in Wisconsin. Click here to find one in your area!
Wisconsin voter ID law is blocked by state and federal courts

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law in April 2014. See his ruling here. 

Wisconsin’s voter ID law (2011 Wisconsin Act 23) was passed in 2011 and has been blocked since March 2012. The law has been challenged by four lawsuits.\Click here to see the current status of the lawsuits. (Reviewed/updated weekly.)

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