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2013-2014 Board of Directors

Name, Office Local League Term
 Melanie G. Ramey, President  Dane County  2013-15
 Debra Cronmiller, Vice President     Appleton  2012-14
 Ethel Himmel, Treasurer  Janesville  2012-14
 Elizabeth Wheeler, Secretary  Dane County  2013-15
 Laura Boettcher  Janesville  2012-14
 Patricia Finder-Stone  Greater Green Bay  2013-15
 Ellen Rosborough  La Crosse Area  2013-15
 Linda Jorgenson  Ashland/Bayfield Counties     2013-14
 Joyce McCollum  Greater Green Bay  2013-14
 Louise Petering  Milwaukee County  2012-14
 Pamela Rewey  Dane County  2013-15
Julie Arneth  Greater Green Bay  2013-14


Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director
Lindsay VanVonderen, Administrative/Program Assistant

State Legislative Committee

Patricia Finder-Stone, Chair

Greater Green Bay

Health Care, Adult Aging

Carolyn Castore

Milwaukee Co

Election Law/Voting Rights, Redistricting

Dorothy Dean

Milwaukee Co

Predatory Lending

Joann Elder

Dane County


Barbara Hussin

Milwaukee Co


Sue Lloyd

Dane County

Campaign Finance Reform

Clare McArdle

Dane County

Mental Health Parity, Redistricting

Tish Minor

Milwaukee Co

Admin of Justice/ Corrections

Kit O’Meara

Milwaukee Co

Voting Rights, Redistricting

Marge Palleon

Ozaukee Co

Lake Michigan

Pamela Rewey

Dane County

Education, Predatory Lending

Penny Robinson



Caryl Terrell

Dane County

Natural Resources

Connie Threinen

Dane County

Tax Policy, Women's Issues

Elizabeth Wheeler

Dane County

Reproductive Rights, Natural Resources

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