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2013-2014 Board of Directors

Name, Office Local League Term
 Melanie G. Ramey, President  Dane County  2013-15
 Debra Cronmiller, Vice President     Appleton  2012-14
 Ethel Himmel, Treasurer  Janesville  2012-14
 Elizabeth Wheeler, Secretary  Dane County  2013-15
 Laura Boettcher  Janesville  2012-14
 Patricia Finder-Stone  Greater Green Bay  2013-15
 Ellen Rosborough  La Crosse Area  2013-15
 Linda Jorgenson  Ashland/Bayfield Counties     2013-14
 Joyce McCollum  Greater Green Bay  2013-14
 Louise Petering  Milwaukee County  2012-14
 Pamela Rewey  Dane County  2013-15
Julie Arneth  Greater Green Bay  2013-14


Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director
Lindsay VanVonderen, Administrative/Program Assistant
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