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01/14/2015 -
Voter ID still blocked, League speaks to lawmakers about accountability read more ...
01/14/2015 -
Opposition to AB 1 - weakens public schools   read more ...
01/08/2015 -
League ties long registration lines at the polls to new laws read more ...
12/15/2014 -
LWV comments on proposed DMV rules for issuing a free ID for voting  read more ...
11/13/2014 -
Blog post - Observing elections and protecting voters in Wisconsin read more ...
10/27/2014 -
Be wary of confusing information about voting... read more ...
04/22/2014 -
Support for secure online voter registration   read more ...
03/20/2013 -
Build on strengths of WI elections... read more ...
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The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a nonpartisan organization that advocates for active and informed participation in government. We bring people and communities together to consider challenging policy issues. The League provides unbiased voter education through candidate questionnaires and forums. Never supporting or opposing a candidate or political party, the League does take policy positions that our members agree upon after study and debate. We invite you to join the League.

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