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News and Announcements
09/19/2014 -
Answers to questions about voter ID (Source: ACLU-WI)   read more ...
09/11/2014 -
Statement on announcement of new procedure for obtaining photo ID - the voter ID law is still blocked   read more ...
09/10/2014 -
Come to State Issues Briefing! See the line-up of speakers and register here.   read more ...
07/31/2014 -
Statement on WI Supreme Court voter ID rulings    read more ...
07/21/2014 -
Testimony to GAB about election observer rules   read more ...
04/22/2014 -
Support for secure online voter registration   read more ...
12/04/2013 -
Let the people speak on redistricting   read more ...
11/26/2013 -
League urges caution on proposed Waukesha water diversion   read more ...
03/20/2013 -
Build on strengths of WI elections... read more ...
Welcome to the League of Women Voters in Wisconsin

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a nonpartisan organization that advocates for active and informed participation in government. We bring people and communities together to consider challenging policy issues. The League provides unbiased voter education through candidate questionnaires and forums. Never supporting or opposing a candidate or political party, the League does take policy positions that our members agree upon after study and debate. We invite you to join the League.

Volunteer to be an LWV election observer!
The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is recruiting volunteers to be trained election observers in polling places statewide on November 4. Our observers will be the League's eyes and ears to monitor what happens at the polls and watch for any signs of voters being disenfranchised. You don't need to be a League member to volunteer. The League will provide online training, reporting form, a polling place assignment and numbers to call on Election Day if you have a question or concern. Sign up on our 2014 Election Observer Volunteer Form

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There are 17 local Leagues in Wisconsin. Click here to find one in your area!
Wisconsin voter ID law is in effect for the November 4 election
On September 12 the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the federal injunction on the Wisconsin voter photo ID law, and voters will have to show an acceptable photo ID to receive a ballot and have it counted.
The League of Women Voters is working to update our materials and help educate voters about the new requirements. Find accurate information about voting from the Government Accountability Board here: (Note: It might take a few days to be updated.) Read more about the status of the law here.
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