Issues & Advocacy
The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin takes positions on key public policy issues after  study, debate and consensus by our membership. The State League also acts in support of LWVUS positions.

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Citizens' Rights
Action to protect the citizen's right to know, to facilitate citizen participation in government and to oppose major threats to basic constitutional rights. 
Individual Liberties; Voting Rights; Privacy in Reproductive Choices
Ballot Design
Government Structures & Procedures
Promote an open governmental system that is representative, accountable, responsive and capable of making decisions.
State Agencies; Governor; Constitution; Apportionment & Redistricting; Legislature; Civil Service & Appointments
County Government  
Support for strengthened county government.
Boundary Adjustments
Administration of Justice 

Support for a system of justice that assures adults and juveniles prompt and equal treatment before the law.Courts; Enforcement; Corrections; Juveniles

Promote financing essential state government services by a well-administered tax system, shared revenues and improved assessment practices.

Natural Resources 
Support of a physical environment beneficial to life; action to promote wise use of ground and surface water resources and improvement of water, air, and soil quality.

Social Policy

Promote equal educational opportunity for each child through an equitable state aids formula while retaining substantial program and personnel responsibilities in the local district.
K-12; Wisconsin Technical College System; UW-System
Equal Rights; Sex Equity; Marital Property Reform; Divorce Reform
Health Care & Mental Health 
Support of a health care system which is financially and geographically accessible to the residents of the state. Support of Adequate funding for community support programs in order to provide adequate mental health care services for persons with mental illness in Wisconsin.
Lending Industry Practices 
Support of provisions to provide consumers accurate and complete information on the costs of loans (terms, interest, fees and penalties. 
Community Policy (formerly Urban Policy)
Promote the fiscal, social, cultural, residential, educational and environmental quality of life for all residents.  

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