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Elections Chart & Calendar 2014
      CLICK HERE to see which offices will be decided in each election. (PDF)
Wisconsin Elections Calendar
    • Fall Primary Election – Tuesday, August 12
    • Fall General Election – Tuesday, November 4
Be an election observer!
Sign up on our 2014 Election Observer Volunteer Form!
The League of Women Voters is recruiting volunteers statewide to be trained election observers in polling places statewide on November 6. These observers will be the League's eyes and ears to monitor what happens and watch for any signs of voters being disenfranchised. You don't need to be a League member to volunteer!

You can volunteer if you:
  • Can spend a few hours -- or all day -- at a polling place
  • Are willing to participate in a 2 hour training session—a webinar—prior to the election
  • Agree to mail in a report following the election
  • Preferably have a cell phone
League of Women Voters will provide:
  1. Nonpartisan materials that let you know your role, what to look for, what to do if there are problems at the polls
  2. On-line training
  3. A number to call on election day to report problems
How to volunteer:
Sign up on our 2014 Election Observer Volunteer Form. We will get back to you about where you are needed and times for online training.

Tell your friends about this opportunity. We need many volunteers!
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